Friday , February 28 2020


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‘विश्वकप २०१८’: आज दाबेदार दुई टोली जर्मनी र ब्राजिल आ-आफ्नो प्रतिद्वन्द्धी विरुद्ध उत्रदै

कोस्टारिका भर्सेस सर्विया काठमाडौं । समूह ई अन्तरगत आज पहिलो खेलमा कोस्टारिकाले सर्वियाविरुद्ध भिड्दैछ । पहिलोपटक विश्वकप खेल्दा नै अन्तिम १६ मा पुग्ने टिम हो कोस्टारिका । फिफा वरियतामा २५ औँ स्थानमा रहेको कोस्टारिकाले सन् १९९० मा पहिलो पटक विश्वकपको स्वाद लिएको थियो । उता कोस्टारिकाविरुद्ध मैदान उत्रिन तम्तयार अवस्थामा …

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५० ओभरको क्रिकेटमा नेपाललाई ठूलो सफलता

काठमाडौं : अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय क्रिकेट काउन्सिल (आईसीसी) विश्व क्रिकेट लिग डिभिजन दुई अन्तर्गत जित्नै पर्ने बाध्यात्मक खेलमा क्यानडामाथि एक विकेटको रोमाञ्चक जित हात पारेसँगै नेपाल डिभिजन एकमा बढुवा भएको छ। यससँगै नेपालले सन् २०१९ मा इङ्ल्यान्ड र वेल्सले संयुक्त रूपमा आयोजना गर्ने क्रिकेट विश्वकपको अन्तिम चरणको छनोट प्रतियोगिताका लागि पनि स्थान …

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Sukraraj Hospital swamped with dengue patients

The number of dengue patients undergoing treatment at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku, has been increasing. Currently, 24 dengue patients are undergoing treatment at the hospital. “All patients referred to the hospital had low platelets count,” said Dr Anup Bastola, consultant tropical medicine physician at STIDH. However, the …

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Few students opting for language major at TU

Tribhuvan University and its constituent colleges have seen a steady decline in the number of students opting for Sanskrit, Maithali, Hindi and Nepal Bhasa literature at Bachelors and Masters level. TU offers Bachelors and Masters Degree courses in Sanskrit, Maithali, Hindi and Nepal Bhasa literature at more than 15 colleges …

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Ministry’s request for vacancy announcement

The Ministry of General Administration has sent a request to the Public Service Commission for announcement of vacancy for the post of Joint Secretary and Under Secretary. The request has been made for announcement of vacancy for the post of 93 joint secretaries and 295 under-secretaries, according to chief of …

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Govt set to develop tiger database by the end of 2018

The government is set to develop a database of endangered Bengal tiger by exchanging photos with India by December next year. According to Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, by the end of 2018 both countries will share tigers’ photographs that often roam around forests in areas bordering Nepal and …

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Agitating doctors take out rally

Agitating doctors staged a rally here today to protest the four-point agreement reached between the government and Nepal Medical Association on September 29. Several health-related organisations dissatisfied with the deal have been staging protest for the past few days. The doctors have been carrying out their duties wearing black armband …

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Civil Code Bill proposes age limit for adoption

The Civil Code Bill recently passed by the Parliament has proposed eligibility criteria for a person or a couple intending to adopt a child. According to the bill, any couple who does not have child even 10 years after their marriage, an unmarried man or woman, widow or widower, and …

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CPN MC Chair Dahal says he proposed unity with UML

CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has revealed that he was the one from the party to float the proposal of unity with the CPN-UML. Addressing political orientation for the party’s politburo today, Dahal further informed that Vice-Chairman of UML Bam Dev Gautam brought forth the unity proposal and …

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